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Lukou  Elementary School

UPM/Phelex Mushroom and Fungus Plantation


Lukou Elementary School is a rural elementary school to the north of Jiangsu, with 516 pupils from 4 villages nearby. The local women's unions and social organizations had funded some needy pupils.

Tuition and fees per year RMB 270 ($32.6) Per capita annual income RMB 1,500 ($181.3)     in 2005  
Number of teachers 26 Number of students 516
Location Xinyi  County, Jiangsu  Province

Scene of having class
An extracurricular event - meeting new friends
Project Developments:

  • In March 2005, the PF initially sponsored a school tuition aid program to help needy pupils finishing their elementary education.
  • In April 2005, the town government offered 1.5 mu of land at no cost for the program.
  • In May 2005, UPM-Kymmene Corporation of Finland donated RMB 63,726, and the mushroom farm program officially started.
  • On July 7, local villagers and teachers elected the Community Council members- the President and Accountant should be individuals with good prestige and willing to sacrifice. Reporters from the CCTV-2, professors from the Nanjing Agricultural University and the Phelex Foundation staff witnessed the whole election process.
  • In late August 2005, the building of the project greenhouse, inoculation room, and the sterilization boilers were completed. Until September 23, 2005, 10,000 bags of mushrooms had been cultivated in two groups.
  • The “Xiaoxiaotong” Project in Jiangsu Province was started in the middle of October. This project school also received 21 computers provided by the Jiangsu Educational Office and raised RMB 5,000 to buy computer desks and chairs. A computer classroom was formed.
  • By November 10, the profits of the tuition aid project amounted to RMB 8,598 and the mushrooms were mostly sold to the surrounding markets, restaurants, and local villagers.
  • On December 21, a strong cold wave destroyed one of the greenhouses. This caused both direct and indirect economic losses of about RMB 3,500. Tteachers and students soon moved 5,000 bags of fungus. Later, the damaged greenhouse was rebuilt, and production resumed.
  • On December 30, the Ceremony of Student Aid Distribution was held and the Project Director, Principal Luyingzheng, the Community Council President, Ms. Lushuying, as well as beneficiary students spoke during the ceremony. Fifty needy students received student aid of about RMB 1,930 from the income generated by the project.
Adoption Status: Adopted by UPM-KYMMENE
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