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Bayan Tala Middle School
Raybin Q. Wong/Phelex Tree Farm

Summary of Local Conditions
Bayan Tala Township is the 50km east of Dzalut County; population 20.000, of which over 8500 or 40% are Mongols. Farming and cattle raising are the main economic activities. Average per capita income in 2007 was approximately RMB2000, or $286.

The School
Baya Tala Middle school supports k-9, with 856 students (743 elementary, 113 middle school), of which 55% or 471 are minorities (Mongolian, Manchu and Hui-Muslim). 350 live in school dormitories. 110 staff members. Of which 99 teachers, work there. Students go to school tuition free, but boarder pay RMB 50 for the bed and 400 for food per semester. About 120 students cannot afford this expense.

Project Description

Plant 1000 mu (in two phases, about 500 mu in 2008 and an equal amount in 2009) of poplar trees on land provided gratis by the township. Build a 20 mu nursery for saplings. This will generate sufficient income to support students and education programs.

Revenue Projection

Revenue from the Nursery: The 20-mu nursery will produce saplins in 2010, which will be used primarily by phase Two of the Wong Project. Starting 2011, an anual income of RMB 20,000 will be generated by selling the saplings to local farmers who will purchase these at 2-3 apiece.

Use of Proceeds

Starting 2011, when the nursery becomes profitable, all boarding students will be granted RMB 100 to help defray the cost of room and board. The shortfalls will be made up by the Phelex Foundation. A few Wong Scholarships will be granted to the needy but aspiring students, favoring minority girls.


Tuition and fees per year RMB 900 ($128.60) Per capita annual income RMB 2000 ($285.70)
in 2007
Number of teachers 99 Number of students 856
Location Approx. 59 km from Tongliao City, Inner Mongolia (Click for Map)

School and project photos:
Phelex staff viisted the Tree Farm at Bbayan Tala Middle School in July 2008.
Inside a classroom
"No. 1 well" in Bayan Tala, 81m deep
20mu poplar nursery
Project developments:

  • In June 4, 2009 in electing of a new community council, 89 voters from Bayan Tala voted 11 new council members out of 23 candidates including a few female parents.
  • In May, 2009 Ms. Shao Peizhen on behalf of Raybin Q. Wong Foundation visited the Poplar Project, discussed the development and problem of the poplar saplings.
  • Between May 7 and 17, 10000 new poplar saplings were planted to replace those died over the long cold winter. This time the school is making sure that it selected the right kind saplings and enough water is applied.
  • In March 24, 2009, Ms Tan from the Phelex Foundation discussed the budget issue with the school, and cleared some confusion. The funding is confirmed.
  • In early March, 2009, Raybin Q. Wong Foundation has decided to fund the project.
  • In July 2008, Phelex staff visited the site and checked on the young newly planted trees.
  • From April 14 to May 5, 2008, Yifan Forestry Co. provided 18531 saplings and the planting techniques to the project of Bayan Tala Middle School. Teachers and students participated in the work.
  • In preparation for planting poplar saplings, a 81meter deep well is drilled as Bayan Tala's no.1 in such a kind. In the meantime, a supply house was built on site, which stores tools and controls water and power. 



Adoption Status: adopted by the Raybin Q. Wong Foundation
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