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Donor's Profile
Frances Virginia Bost Rollins
Mrs. Frances Virginia Bost Rollins, donor to the Phelex Foundation and benefactor to the Dripping Water Elementary School in Hubei, China, passed away on November 8, 1998. She was 85.

The Phelex Foundation trustees and staff, as well as teachers and students at the Dripping Water School, were in mourning. A plaque stands at the entrance to the school, commemorating her contribution to the Fances Virginia Bost Rollins Tea Farm. Started in March 1998, the Rollins Farm has already generated profits to make schooling possible for 20 students. Elementary education will become free for all students in this poverty-stricken village by the end of the year 2000. Mrs. Rollins had an unwavering belief in education. A teacher for much of her life, she took pride in the fact that all her three children excelled academically at the best niversity in North Carolina. In a recent letter she wrote to the Foundation, she said: "As a teacher, I contend that every person is a TEACHER, and I find myself 'teaching' in life by the way I serve and help others. My greatest pleasure is extending myself to others in small ways."

Mrs. Rollins' generosity changed lives in significant ways. The children of Dripping Water, who were hoping to meet their "US Grandma" and to personally thank her for
helping them where it mattered the most, will forever cherish the memory of Mrs. Rollins' life-long dedication to education and the desire to help the disadvantaged.
Mrs. Frances Virginia Bost Rollins at North Carolina home.
Middle: Displaying Certificate of Honorary Citizenship of the Dripping Water Village and thank-you letters by the pupils on Mothers Day 1998.

The Chinese sign reads The Frances Rollins Tea Project; Mr.Vinton Rollins, Mrs. Rollins' son, visited the Dripping Water School in April 2000.
(more about his visiting)



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