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Special reports

Mr. Vinton Rollins, Mr. Chuanfang Zhuang and Ms. Shan Bai Visiting

From April 19 to 24, 2001, Mr.Vinton Rollins, Mr. Chuanfang Zhuang and Ms. Shan Bai visitied three rural elementary school,namely Maao Elementary School, Dropping Water Elementary School,and Xieshan Elementary School in Hubei Province.
On April 20th, Ms. Shan Bai donates the "Phelex/Shan Bai SpecialTuition Aid " to three poor pupils.   Mr. Vinton Rollins brings the realias, which used by his mother before, to Dropping Water and demonstrated how to use them.
Mr. Rollins, Ms. Shan Bai and Mr. Yuan Zhou, chairman of the Phelex Foundation, are visiting the tea garden of Xieshan Elementary School.   They are discussing the technique of tea processing.
Mr. Rollins is so excited to see the teacher of Dropping Water connecting the Internet and browsing the Phelex Website.   And he is sending an email to his family to tell them the news of Dropping Water being able to connect the Intenet.

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